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We compare the cloud so you dont have to

Posted by Frances Sturt on 20/06/17 15:00

As the number of UK businesses adopting the Cloud continues to rise Nigel Taylor, founder and chairman of Taylor Made Computer Solutions, warns that rash decisions and quick moves can lead to disaster. Here, he talks to ComparetheCloud.net about why switching to the Cloud is a journey and how you can ensure your business makes a smooth transition.

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We are reaching new heights for Wessex Cancer Trust

Posted by Frances Sturt on 12/06/17 14:26

20 employees from Taylor Made are aiming to climb three of the UK’s biggest peaks in 24 hours…raising £15,000 for charity in the process.

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What companies aren't telling you about Office 365

Posted by Matthew Faulkner on 18/05/17 11:17

You’ve probably heard all the talk about Office 365 and no doubt read the “Top 10 reasons why Microsoft Office 365 rocks”. You may have even taken a look at all the tools and features and now you are wondering if Office 365 really is the solution for your business – well the answer is yes! The question is what aren’t they telling you?

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Is your business safe from ransomware attacks? Download our report today

Posted by Matthew Faulkner on 17/05/17 17:17

If you Google “ransomware”, the cyber attack in which hackers commandeer a company’s data until a ransom is paid, the resulting headlines and statistics will all point to the same conclusion: the malware has become the most prominent, global threat to business cybersecurity today.

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Global Ransomware Attack

Posted by Matthew Faulkner on 12/05/17 22:13

It’s happened… What now?

The worst has happened and you’ve fallen victim to the recent ransomware attacks that has rendered your information inaccessible… What do you do now?

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Cyber security warning after rise in phoney delivery emails

Posted by Matthew Faulkner on 30/03/17 12:04

Cyber security for obvious reasons is an extremely hot topic at the moment and with the recent surge of scam emails we are warning all businesses to be extra vigilant. 

Our IT experts have seen an increase in the prevalence of emails purporting to be from delivery companies but are in fact weapons being used by hackers.

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Why you need to care about business continuity and disaster recovery

Posted by Matthew Faulkner on 15/02/17 14:14

4 undeniable reasons to care about business continuity and disaster recovery

As a proactive business, you know that implementing a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan, also referred to as BCDR, is essential for your business. After all, why would anyone ever put a business at risk to downtime or data loss when prevention is so easy? While some negligent businesses fail to give BCDR the proper attention it deserves, we’re not worried about you. But if anyone asks, here are four critical reasons that explain why your care about business continuity and disaster recovery.

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What you need to consider when creating an IT strategy

Posted by Frances Sturt on 01/02/17 14:56

Despite how essential technology is within the work place many companies still relegate their IT systems to the bottom of the priority list. This outdated approach is apparent when an IT strategy hasn’t been devised by the business and IT leaders. A lack of communication and coordination between the IT leader and the different departments usually results in large inefficiencies.

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Why a Flexible Workforce is a Productive Workforce

Posted by Frances Sturt on 30/01/17 10:00

The business world is certainly a different place compared to what it looked like maybe ten years ago. Advancements in technology have led to more efficient ways of working, allowing businesses to become more responsive and proactive to both internal and external challenges. But whilst more than two thirds of employees are working longer hours than they were two years ago, only 10% think they are more productive.

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How Technology is The Key To a Flexible Workforce

Posted by Frances Sturt on 09/01/17 14:16

Simply talking about flexible working is all well and good but without learning about the technologies behind it - it’s futile. We’ve explored the new era of technology and four ways of working that make business better, benefits the workforce and increases flexibility. 

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